20 Easy Steps to get USB2 to work in Windoze XP

07-10-2005, 12:26 AM
See Bill Drakes posting. He may be right and that's what it takes. But the
effort is unbelievable!

Long links follows:


Before embarking on that path, I think I'd seriously wipe the damn harddrive
and start from scratch. Surely that would be an easier "solution" even if I
had to reinstall all my apps and restore backed up data. :-)

And someone was saying how user-friendly Windoze was and so much easier to
troubleshoot than Linux? Yeh sure.

-=[ *Usenet FAQ* ]=-
A. Yes it is. It's called "Top Posting" and frowned on by the Usenet
Q. But isn't that backasswards?
A. If their reply comes BEFORE what they are quoting, they probably use
Outlook Express under Windoze.
Q. How can I tell what OS a Usenet poster runs?

20 Easy Steps to get USB2 to work in Windoze XP