Re: Exporting Search Results To txt

07-10-2005, 12:25 AM

Why not try the professional and comprehensive solution to find and
removel duplicate files? Try NoClone. NoClone compares duplicate files
based on file contents regardless of file name, she compares file byte
by byte. It fidns duplicate mp3, photos and any type of files. Unique
time-saving Smart Marker filters duplicates for removal. Preview
images and flexible removal/archival options.

P.S. it is recommended to move duplicate files to a temporary folders
for archival before removal.


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> See if this helps:
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> Venkatesh
> "AZ Analog" <> wrote in message
> > Good day!
> > I'm trying to catalog every file which I have on a drive, in order to
> > identify duplicate files to free up space. I'm trying to find an easy way
> to
> > get the results from a Windows search or windows explorer into a text file
> so
> > that I can import the data into Access. I'm basically looking to create a
> > list of all of the file names and their full path, but the list needs to
> be
> > able to be imported into an Access table. Does anyone know of a function
> /
> > addy program which will allow me to do this? Thanks for your help!

Alexander Cherepnev
07-10-2005, 01:00 AM
Try Shuric scan. I think you find this program more usable than
In trial period our program search duplicate files in any count of
files. For example i test them on
260000 files. NoClone tests only 3000...

With best regards Alexander Cherepnev

Re: Exporting Search Results To txt