RE: Stupid Updates

07-10-2005, 12:24 AM
They were not updates. You were fooled into installing spyware on your
machine. Look at the searchbar and see what name is on it, then go to Add or
Remove Programs and see if you can see it in the list. Remove it. While you
are in there, look for anything having to do with shopping or cash rebates.
They are all spyware. Get rid of anything you know doesn't belong in there.

After getting rid of that, you might want to run some type of anti-spyware
program like spybot or ad-aware to see if you have any other unwanted
programs running without your knowledge.

That's just like my opinion, man........

"DJDom89" wrote:

> Could someone please read this and get back to me!
> I have recently downloaded some windows updates and now whenever i connect
> to the internet, a blue think search bar with the same apearance of XP has
> appeared and i cant get rid of it. There is close button but it doesnt close.
> Even when i disconnect it still stays there. Thanx Dom

RE: Stupid Updates