Re: Epson printer Drivers confusion...

07-10-2005, 12:24 AM
Thanks Shenan,

Since posting, I uninstalled the "printer software" in Control Panel
Add/Remove programs, which I assume was the printer driver and which came
with the printer - version 5.41. Then I installed the ones on offer on the
Epson website "Printer Driver v5.5bAs" which show as version 5.51 after
installation on the "Version Information" tab, and indeed there is an
improvement - prints are brighter/lighter and more closely resemble the
image on screen.

It would have been helpful if Epson had put the version number, as on the
"Version Information" tab - (after installation), on the website download.

regards, Richard

"Shenan Stanley" <> wrote in message
> RJK wrote:
>> It surely must be time for the more professional hardware vendors,
>> who put a lot of resources into their hardware and websites, to
>> design things so that they're LESS ******G COMPLICATED, ....and
>> better, and more SIMPLY explained.
>> Yesterday I bought an Epson R300 printer and thought I'd look at
>> Epson's site to see if I have the latest drivers because people are
>> talking on the web about this printer printing too dark with XP SP2
>> using something or other in Windows. I'm not sure if that would
>> affect me because I use Corel Photopaint 10, (or is it 12?), which
>> makes use of the ICM colour matching profile / so I have ICM selected
>> in Epsons' "Colour management" settings. ...prints do seem a little
>> too dark !
>> On offer for the R300 is Printer Driver v5.5bAs
>> Windows XP, Windows 2000
>> epson11315.exe - 7.7MB - posted on 01/19/05
>> My current driver seems to be (in Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs
>> | "Printer software" ?), ( threatening to uninstall seems to be the
>> only way to get at the version number ), 5.58E
>> ...ummMM is 5.58E newer than 5.5bAs ...I'm left wondering ? ...which
>> modules am I looking at the version number of ? ...I'm wondering !
>> Comments from anyone with the same printer that knows where to dig for
>> driver version number would be greatly appreciated !
> What's the DATE on the driver on your computer - go by that.
> (Should say "Driver Date" on the same page you found "Driver Version".)
> As for the version being newer - I guess that depends on Epson's numbering
> system..
> If they have some strange people working for them and writing drivers,
> then 5.5bAs could very well be NEWER than 5.58E.. If the characters after
> the decimal point are not numbers or are HEX digits.. They may just be
> some internal system of counting.. Not following conventions is something
> many different companies are guilty of. I'd go by the date - as you know
> when the ones you can download were created.
> Also - there is a such thing as "Driver Rollback" in Windows XP - so if
> you install the new drivers and don't like them and you have your system
> restore turned on and insured it is functioning beforehand - then you can
> try the new driver and if they are not new and/or do nothing for you,
> roll-back.
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Re: Epson printer Drivers confusion...