RE: Windows XP Home Edition

07-10-2005, 12:23 AM
Here is what is actually occuring.

Once I get the Windows desktop screen and go to My Documents via the icon or
Windows exlorer I receive my list of folders.

I click on the folder I want to use and get the files under that particular

I double-click on the file to open it. I will get a enlarged hour glass for
some time then finally a message will appear in the upper tool bar [File Name
(Not Responding).

If I exit and try and access the file through the program, it works fine.

I will then re-boot the computer and start the process all over and this
time Windows explorer works fine with no glitches. It appears to be a
sporadic event.

I am runnning Windows XP Home with McAfee Internet Suite 7.0.

This morning I went in msconfig and noticed the start-up chosen is Selective
Startup and not Normal Startup. Could this be an issue?

"twosharpdukes" wrote:

> I have been experiencing an issue when the computer boots up. For some
> reason I am not able to access my files (i.e. Word, Excel etc) through
> Windows Explorer. I have to either use the program icon on the desktop or
> re-boot the computer again and then it catches. I have ran system restore
> and that works for a short time. It seems like XP does not recognize
> everything upon start-up. Dell tech support suggested running a
> Repair/Reistall, but that seems extreme. I am running McAfee Internet
> Secuity Suite 7.0 and have ran some spyware and nothing shows up. Any ideas.
> --
> joe

RE: Windows XP Home Edition