NDS NetLib functions and unicode (UNI*.*) files

E. Fridman
07-10-2005, 12:22 AM
Knowledge base for NetLib 6.5 notes that to use NDS functionality you
need to have unicode (UNI*.*) files in the path (see

I've noticed a big disparity between the number of unicode files in
SYS:\PUBLIC\NLS (about 500) and C:\WinNT\System32\NLS (about 50).

The Unicode Files Explained article I found at
http://www.dreamlan.com/ndsnotes.htm#unicode states that "typically
only four unicode files are needed at any one time. The names of two of
the files varies depending on the country code and codepage settings on
your workstation".

Does anybody know whether this is true for NetLib as well?

Also, did the unicode files themselves change between Windows and
Netware versions? If so, would it be reasonable to expect that this
legacy library is compatible with "old" unicode files only?

NDS NetLib functions and unicode (UNI*.*) files