Tom B.
07-10-2005, 12:21 AM
Hi all

I hope you'll humour me with a few questions.

* From reading this group, I've learned about the existence of the "User
Accounts" tool in XP Pro that appears when you enter "control
userpasswords2" in the Run dialog. My question is: how does this tool
fit into the general method of user management in XP? Does it do
anything that the other two user dialogs (comp mgmt and CP) can't do? Is
it just there for people who prefer it to the other tools?

* Does anyone know where the detault browser/mail/news/media player info
is stored on the system?

* What is the purpose of EFS? What do you gain by encrypting a folder
that you don't gain by blocking other users with the ACL for the folder?

Many thanks for any advice
Tom :)