Re: Dial-up Connection icon won't appear in Systen Tray

07-10-2005, 12:21 AM
In addition:

KB840374 - Tampers with the Volume/Net Icons

Restore Volume and Net Icon to Notification Area (Line 320)

Troubleshooting the Notification Area

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Troubleshooting Windows XP

"Astra" <> wrote in message
> Hi
> Wondered if you could help.
> I have a WinXP Home PC running SP1, Outlook Express, IE and that's about
> it.
> I have a wireless card and a standard 56K dial-up modem in it.
> The wireless card connects to a D-LINK 4 Ethernet port + wireless
> router/modem that is acting as a simple LAN at the moment because my
> broadband is coming through in a bit.
> I currently use the 56K dial-up to the Internet and for the last 12 months
> when I did use this to connect it would put the 2 tele icon in the system
> tray when I was connected. My wife has used this PC for the last couple
> of
> weeks and has pointed out to me that the 2 tele icon doesn't show in the
> system tray anymore so she doesn't know if and when it has disconnected
> properly.
> At the moment I'm having to get her to go the Network Connections window,
> right-click on the dial-up and left-click to disconnect (this also has an
> annoying habit of not showing the disconnect until you press the F5
> refresh
> key, which she didn't know about), but I shouldn't have to do this.
> Can you tell me how I can get the icon to reappear in the system tray?
> a) The 'Show Connection' checkbox IS TICKED in the properties of this
> dial-up.
> b) I have deleted the dial-up and re-created it with the checkbox still
> ticked, but had no joy.
> c) I DO NOT have the hide inactive icons checkbox selected.
> d) I have tried the lock and unlock taskbar suggestion and this makes no
> difference.
> e) My Network connections window consists of:
> A dial-up connection, firewalled.
> A wireless connection, active when not using modem, active, but with a red
> cross when using modem.
> A local connection greyed out.
> A 1394 connection active, but doesn't appear to do anything - do I need
> this?
> Please help.
> Thanks
> Rob

Re: Dial-up Connection icon won't appear in Systen Tray