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07-10-2005, 12:21 AM

In addition.....

See line 370 (right hand side):


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>> My reply is at the bottom of your sent message:
>> > We have an app here at work that will only run as a user with admin
>> > rights. In 2k they could be a power user but not in xp. The
>> > developers here at work do not want to listen and think that giving
>> > the user admin rights is the best solution. I can think a more that
> a
>> > couple of reasons not to give all the users local admin rights but
>> > that is a different post.
>> >
>> > My question is other then scripting RunAs with VBscript to run the
>> > app is there any way to give the users admin like rights for just
>> > that app. Like with a GPO or regedit hack. If scripting is the only
>> > solution then how can I encrypt the script so my password is not in
>> > clear text. Or if this is not the right newsgroup let me know where
>> > to go
> Hi,
> with Runasspc you can configure to run only one application with admin
> rights.
> The tool is simple to use.

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