Re: Network Scan

07-10-2005, 12:21 AM
I hear you, Ed. But back then, mom's had a better grip on the boys
regardless or better said due to the lack of technology. How the world has

Imagine having six computer users in the house with three X-Boxes playing
live all at the same time. Good thing is, that the house is very large, bad
thing is, that I am the only person that tends to them ALL (people
included). :o)

What did I get for mothers day you ask? A walkey talkey so they don't have
to email me to come fix one of the units in the house as I refuse to answer
their incoming cell phones from my house phone!

All the Best,
Kelly (MS-MVP)

Troubleshooting Windows XP

"Plato" <|@|.|> wrote in message
> Kelly wrote:
>> This has to do with your anti-virus software. Change the settings.
>> Trust
>> me, I went through this with my boys for LimeWire.
> If my Mom had us 3 boys [all one year apart] with Internet service way
> back when the poor women would have been worn out and dead or simply
> deserted the nightmare. Me, I can hardly deal with my one.

Re: Network Scan