Re: Security warning!

Bruce Chambers
07-10-2005, 12:21 AM
Mike wrote:
> I have recently received a security warning on my desktop background that has
> replaced my background picture. It says that the system cannot function in
> normal mode, and to run an antivirus program.
> I have done this and deleted the infected files, however i now cant get rid
> of the background security warning, and place my original background picture
> up. When i open the display options from the control panel there is no tab
> for background, or themes, only screen saver. Please Help!
> Cheers Mike

To deal with issues caused by any sort of "adware" and/or
"spyware,"such as Gator, Comet Cursors, Smiley Central, Xupiter, Bonzai
Buddy, or KaZaA, and their remnants, that you've deliberately (but
without understanding the consequences) installed, two products that
are quite effective (at finding and removing this type of scumware) are
Ad-Aware from and SpyBot Search & Destroy from Both have free versions. It's even possible
to use SpyBot Search & Destroy to "immunize" your system against most
future intrusions. I use both and generally perform manual scans every
week or so to clean out cookies, etc.

Additionally, manual removal instructions for the most common
varieties of scumware are available here:

PC Hell Spyware and Adware Removal Help

More information and assistance is available at these sites:

Blocking Ads, Parasites, and Hijackers with a Hosts File

The Parasite Fight


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Re: Security warning!