Enabling Extended Desktop/Multi-Monitor through software

07-09-2005, 10:24 PM
I am using a PC/104 Plus stack with a the Intel 82855GME graphics chipset.
This graphics chipset has support for multi-monitors and extending your
desktop across another monitor.

Problem is that if you do not have your secondary monitor plugged in upon
windows xp boot up it disables any video signal to that output. You then
have to be at the device's console to enable the second monitor.

I don't want this, I want it so that if the system has already booted up and
I decided to plug in the secondary monitor it will display an image. The
secondary monitor will have the extended desktop to which we will be showing
a special app. We do not want to user to see the main desktop which has
icons and so on.

Anyway to enable this secondary monitor output even when a monitor is not
detected? I'd like to be able to write a program that does this or execute
some sort of batch script of whatever.


Enabling Extended Desktop/Multi-Monitor through software