Re: Recycle Bin Weirdness

07-10-2005, 12:20 AM
Dave, I just found this on Kellys site. It may be what you are looking for:>
"blueguitar322" Files Do Not Show Up in Recycle Bin When Deleted;en-us;168570

This seems to work for many: Make sure that something is in the Recycle Bin
(delete any file). With the Recycle Bin closed, right click and choose:
Empty Recycle Bin. When the confirm box appears, click ok. Reboot. Now the
Recycle Bin should work correctly.

If the above didn't help:

Files not being listed in the Recycle Bin seem to be related to a corrupt
info2 file. To correct the issue (Fat32):

Go to Start/Run and type in CMD:

Type CD \RECYCLED, and then press ENTER.
Type ATTRIB -r -s -h info2, and then press ENTER.
Type DEL INFO2, and then press ENTER.

NOTE: This deletes the damaged INFO2 file. Windows will recreate this file
as needed, automatically.

You can often restore files even if it is not being listed in the Recycle
Bin by searching (Start/Search) for the files by name, once found rename
them. If the files still cannot be recovered, follow the steps above, then
reboot. They should now be listed.
<> wrote in message
> Mark
> I don't have any folders in c:\recycler
> Dave
> "M8RIX" wrote:
>> Oh, just one more thing. Is there more than one icon showing in the
>> recycler
>> folder in C:? If so examine the properties of each and maybe they will
>> provide a clue. I had a situation similar to yours once and I was showing
>> multiple folders within Recycler. I deleted all but one, which it would
>> not
>> let me delete because it was in use, and that fixed my problem.

Re: Recycle Bin Weirdness