Shared Folders Across the Network

07-10-2005, 12:16 AM
This use to work and now does not. It has me rattled. Here is the
Computer 1: Windows 2000 (all updates)
Computer 2 & 3: Windows XP Professional (all updates)
Computer 2 & 3 are identical (different computer name of course).

I want computer 1 to see and access computer 2 & 3's desktop. Therefore;
the desktop on computer 2 & 3 are set to share. Other data folder are set
to share too.
Everything works with computer 2 just fine.
However, I can't get access to the desktop of computer 3. I can get access
to the data folder of computer 3 but something is stopping me from accessing
the desktop.

From computer 1, I can see the data folder of computer 3 and I can get to
all the files.
From computer 1, I can't get to the desktop folder.

I've tried to take the desktop share off, reboot, add the share back,
reboot..... same issue.
I've tried to turn the windows firewall off .... same issue.
What is causing this problem?

This use to work! It allows me to send files to the desktop of my daughters
computer, as I do to my son's computer.

Thanks in advance!

Shared Folders Across the Network