Re: Task Bar Icons Missing

07-10-2005, 12:15 AM
Bob Wrote:
> The icons for running applications recently stopped
> appearing in the task bar. I have resized the task bar,
> and moved the toolbars around with no positive effect.
> One interesting observation is that if I turn off
> the "Quick Launch" toolbar, the task bar disappears with
> the excemption of the top border. With only the top
> border exposed, the resize arrows don't work. If I again
> show the Quick Launch toolbar, the task bar reapears as
> expected, but still no icons for the running
> appications. Does anyone have any idea how to correct
> this?

Hi Bob,
I am having exactly the same problems as you - only just recently
noticed this MSVDM icon on my taskbar which chnages desktops but it
seems to have got rid of the running program buttons on the taskbar.
Can anyone help myself or bob and how do I uninstall this MSVDM as I
cant seem to find it.

Many Thanks



Re: Task Bar Icons Missing