XP1 Classic theme-turned Black!!

07-10-2005, 12:14 AM

I just set my Theme from Windows XP to Windows Classic. The whole background
and the text turned black and the only video present is the Icons with their
text. Can't even see the text/buttons/boxes/drop down menus to switch this
back to Windows XP theme.....and here is where it gets weird. My wife's
Classic theme works fine with her logon button, mine just goes black.

I had to log on as administrator and create a NEW logon for emergency
purposes to do work last night.

Is there a way to force my logon to switch to another theme that works? Can
I find the CLASSIC theme, delete it....then my display MIGHT DEFAULT to
another? (But remember, Classic displays properly in my wife's).
Any idea how my Classic theme info creates a black background, black
everything....except for the icons and it's text?
Registry settings?
Different INF files?
Can I edit something to temporarily access my old Login (BTW no passwords
being used on my system)
I really need to get into OUTLOOK EXPRESS for my addresses/rules......but
hey, turn off your monitor right now and attempt to respond to this
email....you'll get ABOUT the same experience as I'm having, except I can
activate Icon's.



XP1 Classic theme-turned Black!!