Screen Saver Doesn't Work

Lawrence Wong
07-10-2005, 12:13 AM
I'm running WinXP Pro with SP2 installed. I also use the secure log in
feature (requires Ctrl+Alt+Del for log in).

At night, or whenever I leave my desk, I lock my computer so that my room
mates cannot use my computer when i'm not there. I have the standard Windows
XP screensaver selected to turn on after 5 minutes, and to password protect
my computer upon deactivating the screensaver, just in case I leave and
forget to lock my computer.

However, i find that the screensaver never comes on when it's supposed to. I
haven't tried leaving the computer unlocked and seeing if it comes on, but
when it is locked, I would still like the screen saver to come on.

In addition to this, I have set my computer to turn off the monitor after 20
minutes and go to stand by after 5 hours. But none of this happens.

I went throught the Knowledge base and found out that apparently this has
been fixed in SP2, which I have installed.

So my question is, How do I get my screen saver to activate after 5 minutes,
password protect my computer when it's deactivated... OR, Turn off my monitor
after 20 minutes and put my computer to stand by in 5 hours?

All of my Windows Updates have been installed. in case it matters, i use
Microsoft's Comfort Edition Wireless Desktop (I also read in the KB that it
could be a human interface device might still be active, preventing the
screensaver from activating).

Thanks for your help, and sorry I had to make you read this long essay :p

Screen Saver Doesn't Work