Windows XP VPN and Mapped Network Drives problem
07-10-2005, 12:10 AM
Hi All,

We have recently migrated our computers and user accounts to another
domain via ADMT due to the takeover of our organisation.

Following this we are experiencing some strange problems with our ADSL
users on Windows XP. Our users log on locally to the machine, dial up
to the internet via ADSL, log into the VPN via Cisco Client software
and are then able to access network resources. On some machines
however when trying to access the network resources the OS tries to
authenticate the user as the username/password used to dial into the
ADSL connection. Changing the username/password to domain\username in
the box makes absolutly no difference, it still tries to use the ADSL
username and password.
We are able to ping all of the servers so we know that the login to the
VPN is working correctly.

I have checked in the control pannel applet for user accounts for
cached password information and there is none. It is now becoming a
major problem. Has anyone seen this before and maybe know a solution?

Thanks for any information you may have!

David Unsworth

Windows XP VPN and Mapped Network Drives problem