RD disconn after accepting pw & before Loading Personal Settings

07-10-2005, 12:10 AM
100 percent of the time, I am unable to Remote Desktop into one machine
on my LAN from any other machine.

I provide my username/password, which is confirmed as correct in the
security log on the destination machine.

The password dialog box disappears and the screen is blank except for
the background color until, about 45-50 seconds later, the remote
desktop window disappears. "Loading Personal Settings" never appears.

There are no other tell-tale entries in the event logs or SP2 firewall
logs. I can log on locally.

Unique things about this system:
- This Windows installation was originally on another system. After
prepping the installation with the additional drivers and definitions I
expected that I would need, I transferred the motherboard into this
system. I cannot remember whether I've had a successful RDP session
since then.
- Because this system operates as a home entertainment system, I
disabled the sound redirection by local policy. I have successfully
RDP'd many times since then.

Other notes:
- Looking at the qwinsta (Query) info, it appears that the destination
computer actually decides to disconnect (status: DISC) immediately upon
getting the password (again, remember that it was successfully
recognized as the valid pw), but the computer originating the session
doesn't get the clue until some timeout has elapsed.

RD disconn after accepting pw & before Loading Personal Settings