How to keep alive disconnected sessions?

07-10-2005, 12:10 AM
Hi everyone!

I apologize if this question has an easy answer or has been asked before. I
have done a tremendous amount of searching to no avail. However, it seems as
if it would be a common issue.

On Windows XP, I have not found a way to keep a disconnected session alive
so that I may reconnect to it and not have all of my programs/windows/etc
closed. Currently, it will lose the disconnected session after about 30
minutes of inactivity.

The group policy setting that describes what I am talking about is "Set time
limit for disconnected sessions." However, (and from my experience in trying
it) it says that this setting does not apply to XP Remote Desktop.

Shouldn't this be an easy thing to do? I'm pulling my hair out over here...

Any input you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

How to keep alive disconnected sessions?