Enabling Offer Remote Assistance

07-10-2005, 12:10 AM
Firstly, I have read the past 9 pages of this newsgroup, and used the search
feature, I have also viewed each of the links (KB Articles) that the MVPs
have provided and followed them all.

In our Domain here we decided to try Remote Assistance for user support,
however we have found that dispite rolling out a group policy the contains
the required entry change to allow offering of remote assistance, and setting
the remote helpers group, it still doesn't work. We recieve the error:

There is a problem with the invitation and it cannot be opened. To use
Remote Assistance, the sender of this invitation will have to send you a new

The only way to resolve the error, is to manually enable the policy on the
local system through gpedit.msc. If check the RSoP the entry from the GPO is
present, but is being overriden by the local one? I am not sure if this is
by design, but will it really be required for us to touch each machines local
policy to make this change?

All machines are XPSP2 Pro in a domain. Helpers are domain admins and local
admins on all systems.

Enabling Offer Remote Assistance