Linux IGD?

07-10-2005, 12:10 AM
I setup my remote Desktop on my primary desktop computer (XP Pro), connect to
it via my laptop (XP Home) with my wireless network. Each time a connect via
Remote Desktop, a Linux IGD Local Area Connection is created.

My problem is that when I disconnect from the primary desktop, the Linux IGD
does not deacitivate. I can reboot, yet once I turn on my wireless
connection on my laptop, connect to my network, the Linux IGD connection
re-establishes itself. Once that Linux IGD connection is established, I
cannot get on the internet from my laptop. I can still view and access
internal network devices, re-establish the remote desktop connection, I just
can't get past the DSL modem.

I have tried to disable/delete the Linux IGD connection, but I can't do
anything with it, I am always denied access.

How can I get back on the internet, yet retain my Remote Desktop abilities,
and why is Linux overtaking my Microsoft Windows system?

Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide,


Linux IGD?