PPTP Broken - incoming and outgoing too...

07-10-2005, 12:10 AM
Hi all -

I have a Windows XP Pro SP2 machine that cannot make incoming or
outgoing PPTP connections. It's not the router - other machines behind
the same router can make outgoing connections fine, and when I set up
my laptop as the target for a port 1723 forward instead of the problem
machine, incoming connections worked well.

I've used the Microsoft command line PPTP debugging tools and they were
able to connect in and out of the problem machine. I have removed
Norton Antivirus 2005, tested without it, and also had no luck. The
issue has been tested with Windows Firewall on, on with exceptions, and

This obviously used to work, and I'm kind of at my wit's end with this
- I'd just reinstall, but this is a heavily configured machine and it
would kill a week. Any thoughts or directions for research you can
offer would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

---- Andrew

PPTP Broken - incoming and outgoing too...