Remote Assistance and "Problem with the invitation..."

07-10-2005, 12:09 AM

Does anyone know the soultion to the problem "There is a problem with the
invitation and it cannot be opened. To use Remote Assistance, the sender of
this invitation will have to send you a new invitation."

MS have a kb 322182

BUT I am offering remote assistance, not using OWA,any email client or
messenger. I am using XP SP2 in a 2003 SP1 AD.

MS say in the KB "The Remote Assistance invitation contains Unicode XML
code, which provides information about the request. As a security measure,
OWA automatically disables attachments that contain this type of code, so
that they cannot be opened in Microsoft Internet Explorer. This renders the
saved attachment unusable."

Any ideas?

Remote Assistance and "Problem with the invitation..."