Bluetooth disconnecting

07-10-2005, 12:09 AM
I have today started experimenting with Remote Desktop Connection.
I'm trying to establish connection between a Thinkpad 600E and my PC - both
are running XP Pro.

After establishing that the Terminal Services service was enabled and
running on both machines i tried to connect to my laptop from my pc.
I have a bluetooth wireless LAN working flawlessly by the way - 'standard'
Windows file-sharing works perfectly.
The first time i tried it worked perfectly so i had a little play around to
test it and logged off.

This remote connection had enabled number-lock on my Thinkpad's keyboard and
the usual key combination to turn it off did nothing...
After an while searching Google i found a VB script to toggle XP's
number-lock on/off and finally got my Thinkpad's number-lock off.
(That's more than likely irrelevant but i've included it anyway).

Now trying Remote Desktop again i get a problem - the host machine accepts
the login request from the guest and immediately drops the bluetooth
I get a 'failed establish connection' type of error on the guest, and the
host pc is left (disconnected from bluetooth) with the Login dialog present
on it's screen.

I've had a search on Google but found nothing to help.

Can anyone suggest why either machine is dropping the bluetooth connection
as soon as a guest logs in?
And of course a solution!!

I'm using Widcomm drivers and identical SmartM dongles on each machine.



Bluetooth disconnecting