Re: Ramdomly Read-Only problems

07-10-2005, 12:05 AM
We have the same problem.
When attempting to open word documents that they have full access to a
user randomly gets a Read-Only copy. They are not prompted that the
document is read-only, however read-only is displayed in the title bar.
If the user closes the document and opens it back up again the document
usually opens with full access, however opening another word document
will more than likely cause the same problem.

The PCs are all running Win2K SP4 with the latest patches and Office XP
with the latest patches. The problem has been happening to random users
on different PCs since we upgraded our file server to Windows 2000
Server a couple of years ago. It was around that time or before that
most pcs were upgraded to Win2K. It can't be a network issue as the
same users get the same problem opening up local files. As
administrators logged onto their pcs we don't get the problem (however
we rarely open outlook) and having outlook opened with word as the
e-mail editor appears to cause the problem.

We also have PCs with windows XP and Office 2003 using word as their
e-mail editor which have never experienced this problem.

Deleting the users windows profile may temporarily ressolve the problem
however as occurances are reasonably random it is hard to pinpoint a

If anyone has any ideas we are all ears!

Does the previous poster have any updates or other links to people
posting a simular problem?

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Re: Ramdomly Read-Only problems